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More information

Furthermore eleven projects have been defined and are currently being worked on intensively:

  • Conformance testing
  • Functional safety of electronic controls
  • Engineering and implementation
  • Service and diagnostics
  • ISOBUS automation
  • Communication and marketing
  • High-voltage on-board networks
  • Camera systems
  • Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS)
  • Wireless in-field communication
  • High speed ISOBUS


First priority: ISOBUS

There are a variety of important subjects relating to ISOBUS which provide the initial focus for AEF’s activities. These activities are aimed at providing the resources necessary for addressing important electronics technical subjects on behalf of ag equipment manufacturers and farmers:

AEF’s activities


Increased international acceptance and awareness of ISOBUS technology


Enhanced customer benefits from using the ISOBUS technology


Improved compatibility of ISOBUS products with plug and play capability worldwide


Collecting all the information available about ISOBUS products, including their functions , implementation and compatibility, for the service, marketing and sales divisions of manufacturers and suppliers


Promoting the international acceptance of ISOBUS certified products while creating a quality brand and trademark for ISOBUS

The AEF developed mandatory certification procedures that are continuously advanced. In addition a new » label and logo combination has been designed to ensure – in combination with the AEF ISOBUS Database – absolute clarity regarding compatibility between tractors and implements.