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AEF in short

Customers will benefit

The AEF should establish itself in its own right with mutually beneficial links between various companies. The increased use of electronic and electrical systems is intended to make work easier for our farming customers and provide them with economic benefits. In addition, the AEF also develops and promotes synergistic connections between companies. ISOBUS and other technologies are given the necessary impetus by the AEF.

ISOBUS as a brand

The AEF would like to establish ISOBUS as a brand and seal of quality. As a central organisation, it is ideally placed to be able to reinforce international acceptance of ISOBUS certified products. The intention is for ISOBUS to become accepted as a global communication standard.

End of confusion

The challenge for the AEF at first was the development of authoritative ISOBUS certification procedures in order to establish compatibility. It is intended to put an end to the confusion surrounding the question of the compatibility of tractors and attached machines. We will achieve compatibility much sooner if all agricultural technology companies are pulling together. This also applies for new tasks the AEF has accepted.

United approach

The provision of fast and reliable service through cross-manufacturer standards is a significant customer benefit. Eleven internationally manned project teams and numerous subgroups are working on solutions which will help our customers. Together we are more effective than "every man for himself".

Important to know

It is important to know that AEF is not the same as ISO.  AEF does not create the international standards. This task remains the domain of the ISO with its affiliated working groups. The AEF replaces the European Implementation Group ISOBUS (IGI) and the North American ISOBUS Implementation Task Force (NAIITF).

The AEF is not limited to only ISOBUS. It supports every international agricultural electrical and electronic system standard which has been accepted by the ISO. In addition to the agricultural industry itself, the founding members are the two associations AEM (Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers) in the USA and VDMA (German Engineering Federation) in Germany.

The organization is based in Frankfurt / Main, Germany.