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Advantages and benefits

Participate actively in the AEF Project Teams

As a member you are actively involved in the project teams and influence their results.

ISOBUS knowledge and AEF Guidelines

Being a member helps your company with it’s product development by giving you access to the latest ISOBUS knowledge.

Use the AEF Diagnostic Tool for free

Equip your and your dealer's service team with the AEF ISOBUS Check Tool in order to speed up troubleshooting of an ISOBUS combination cross manufacturer, even in the field.

Get a 20 % discount ...

... on licences for database and conformance test. As an AEF member you will benefit from a considerable discount on licenses. This by far exceeds the service fee a General Member has to pay.

AEF Testing environment

AEF Membership helps you to make your systems ISOBUS compatible with products of other manufacturers through semiannual Plugfests. These help to speed up the ISOBUS product development within your company.

Take influence on the ISOBUS standard

You’re part of a round table of the industry to share and agree upon AEF Guidelines complementing the ISOBUS standard.

Interim conformance tests

Use the AEF Conformance Test Tool within your company in order to accelerate development of your products towards ISOBUS compatibility and AEF ISOBUS Certification.

Compatibility at all levels

Ensure compatibility of your products at all levels of development.

Visibility in the AEF ISOBUS Database

Your certified ISOBUS products can be seen in the AEF ISOBUS Database allowing not only the dealers but also the public to search for compatible ISOBUS combinations.

AEF ISOBUS Certification

Get your products certified by one of the AEF ISOBUS Test Laboratories.

AEF support

AEF supports the marketing of your ISOBUS products and promotes both development and market penetration.

Benefits of AEF membership

Every year tens of thousands of new tractors are being purchased with standardized ISOBUS terminals. A main factor behind these purchases is the customer’s expectation that more and more implements can be controlled by these modern tractors. They are – as always – looking for ease of handling, reduced costs and long-term viability. Membership in the AEF helps you to make your products fit for the future. But you are obliged to participate actively and you can then take advantage of a number of benefits.

You will find all necessary information regarding membership and its cost as well as for fees for Database and Conformance Test in the downloads below.

If you decide to apply please download and fill in the application form (below) and send it to office [at] aef-online.org. You will then receive a database account and can handle licenses there.


Order your license(s) now!


For uploading your products to the AEF ISOBUS Database and for application of theAEF ISOBUS Conformance Test Tool Licenses are mandatory.

To match the growing organization the AEF has developed a billing system to automatically handle invoicing of fees and service charges as well as activating accounts and licenses.

Since September 2015 purchasing licenses and further expansion or cancelations of subscriptions can only be executed via login in the AEF Database under your company’s access information.


» AEF Membership Application - US [.pdf | 179 KB]
» AEF Articles of Association - DE / US [.pdf | 1,2 MB]
» AEF Rules of Procedure US [.pdf | 537 KB]
» Fees for Database and Conformance Test US [.pdf | 240 KB]