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ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ISB) now released

After having finished the specifications the ISB functionality is now integrated into the AEF Conformance Test and  tested at Plugfests. The functionality is now released.

As you probably know, in an ISOBUS system an operator can activate a function of an implement over the ISOBUS, with a UT. After that activation, the operator might navigate away from the UT to monitor or operate another function on the tractor  At this time, the deactivation of functions on the first implement is not possible unless the operator manually switches back to the UT  screen of the first implement. Now this is no longer an issue thanks to the  ISOBUS short cut button (ISB) which enables the operator to deactivate implement functions  that have been  activated over the ISOBUS. The implement manufacturer decides which functions the ISB should control and shall provide this information to the UT .

The ISB is not to be designed as an emergency stop button.