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New team leaders for Project Teams

Ludger Autermann of CLAAS E-Systems has taken the lead of Project Team "Engineering and Implementation". He is following Rudi Buschmeier of Müller Elektronik in this position.

Project Team "Service & Diagnostics'" new team leader is Bruno Klöpper of Krone. He has taken over from Norbert Schlingmann, general manager of the AEF.

Hannes Schallermeyer, FarmFacts, is the successor of Matthias Rothmund, Horsch, for the Project Team "Farm Management Information Systems".

From Christian Rusch, Claas, Johann Witte of Müller Elektronik, has taken over the lead for Project Team "Wireless ISOBUS Communication".

from left to right:
Ludger Autermann (CLAAS E-Systems), Bruno Klöpper (Krone), Hannes Schallermeyer (FarmFacts), Johann Witte (Müller Elektronik)