AEF to supply web-based ISOBUS training for member’s staff

By end of September, a number of new web-based ISOBUS training (WBT) modules created by AEF will be available – Just in time for Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, and the start of companies training sessions for dealer and service technicians.

Different web based training modules (WBT) will be available

A survey conducted by AEF has revealed, that there is a need for more information about ISOBUS and the role of AEF.  This finding led to the development of some web based training modules that cover different ISOBUS/AEF related issues for different target groups in the member companies. At launch three modules will be available in English or German, with more planned. Each taking 15 Minutes to complete: 

  • AEF, ISOBUS and Functionalities (subject to fee)

  • AEF Database usage and use cases (subject to fee)

  • Diagnostic Checktool training session (subject to fee)

These three are subject to a license fee of 2.500 € per year (in total) and are created for dealer and service technician training. They can be modified to change machine / equipment pictures, colors and logos according to their own corporate design in collaboration with the WBT supplier. All special requests will be handled between the member company and the WBT supplier.

There will also be a more general animated information course focused on AEF and ISOBUS:

  • AEF Basic Information.  

This will be free of charge and available from both the AEF Website ( and the AEF Database (