Project Teams

Experts from member companies are working together
in international teams

Eleven teams exist to date, each assigned with a special topic. The scope of topics has extended from solving (compatibility) problems related to ISOBUS to other areas such as electric drives, high speed ISOBUS and farm management information systems, thus also addressing future demands.

Project Teams

Develops the conformance test tool used by manufacturers and test laboratories to test compatibility of products with AEF functionalities

Development of application guidelines relating to safety issues, such as the incorporation of legal directives and standards like ISO/DIS 25119 and ISO 15077

Coordination of ISOBUS engineering and implementation processes and coordination of the market launch of new ISOBUS features. Definition of clear implementation guidelines for member companies and as the basis for the conformance test suite

Service and troubleshooting for ISOBUS systems involving different manufacturers, technical documentation, information exchange, FAQs and training

Standardization of systems which allow for operational sequences of tractor and implement to be blended into a single function, i.e. Tractor-Implement-Management (TIM)

Internal and external communication of all issues relating to the AEF; responsible for all issues and activities such as Corporate Design, PR, conferences and trade shows

Development of an approach for a standardized tractor interface that supplies power to attached machines

Enabling of connectivity between cameras on an implement and cameras on the tractor and more complex applications requiring digital image transmission

» Success Story Camera Systems

Development and expansion of standards for data transfer between mobile machines and farm computers and similar devices

Development of means to increase bandwidth for the ISOBUS, which will also enable the integration of new features such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and real-time video systems

Testing of suitable radio standards for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, including encryption and functional reliability

Draw up guidelines for the medium voltage range, both for the technical requirements (voltage, current, power) and for the connector. The team members can benefit on their experience gathered in the High Voltage project team.

Addressing the AEF organization’s need for a strategic approach to security. The definition of a strategy for security and the work on a secure AEF business model for the next generation of ISOBUS functionalities, are among the main drivers for the formation of this team.

Employees are welcome

Employees from member companies are welcome to engage in one or more Project Groups.
Participation is voluntary, however, the AEF’s progress depends on actively engaged members.