New AEF Member: J.ASSY Agricultural

J.Assy Agricultural specializes in technology solutions for agribusiness. They are one of Brazil’s largest investors in R & D in this industry.

The company states, one of their greatest assets are people. Only with a dream team of employees focused on excellence, could create a remarkable culture for innovation, represented by the high number of patented technologies achieved, the strong market presence and the pioneer technology delivered to the North American and European markets. From the product design to finish, or from the diagnosis in the field to after-sales, we devote all our efforts to help, improve and monetize the daily lives of farmers in several countries. If you have strong vocation for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy challenges, come join our team.

Why did you decide to join the AEF?
We are expanding operations and our aim is to have our products in conformity with the standards. Also, we believe that being part of the AEF will enable J.Assy to stay up to date with the ISOBUS ecosystem.

Which AEF project teams are you interested in and why?
Wireless In-Field Communication, High Speed ISOBUS, Farm Management Information Systems and Conformance Testing since those will directly affect our business.