AEF activity at the ASABE Annual International Meeting

AEF Sponsored and exhibited at the 2019 Annual International Meetings of the ASABE in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on July 7 – 10, 2019. The focus of the ASABE event is a mix of academic papers, robotics competition, professional research presentations and 4 days of committee meetings.

The attendance this year was over 1700 attendees. The AEF table was presenting promotional materials on AEF working groups, ISOBUS, TC functionalities and Certified ISOBUS labeling. There were many positive contacts made from a variety of international universities and government contacts. As well as Ph. D. students whose projects were collecting data from machines to process with analytics. Multiple universities and researchers were interested and looking for standardized data protocols to utilize across brands. Potential membership was mentioned by contacts from Purdue University, University of Florida, McGill University Canada, Cagayan State in Philippines and University of Kartoum in Sudan.

The AEF General Manager presented at two events. The topics presented were Wireless in-field communication and at a special event focusing on Automation in Ag equipment, Norbert Schlingmann, AEF General Manager and Andrew Olliver, Team Leader for PT06, presented Tractor-Implement Management (TIM) information to a group of over 70 attendees. The number of questions after the presentation showed the growing interest in the TIM functionality.

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