VDI workshop on ISOBUS and TIM

Under the title „ISOBUS Automation using TIM“ an international VDI workshop took place in the Berlin Mercure Hotel MOA on 28 June 2019. The AEF was represented by Jan-Hendrik Wölker, AEF Database Administrator, who held a speech there.

Jan-Hendrik Wölker dealt with TIM application cases in day-to-day use explaining first the TIM objectives defined by the AEF. Further focal points of his remarks included the IT infrastructure and the technical concept. The role of the AEF ISOBUS database, the infrastructure and the AEF Conformance Test in connection with TIM were also portrayed by him. At last, he answered the question what requirements the implementation of TIM places on manufacturers.

All in all, the VDI workshop introduced the subject of the implementation of ISOBUS automation with TIM. The participants received an overview of the TIM architecture, the functionalities, use cases and security questions. Based on AEF's know-how from the TIM definition and prototype construction, hardware, software and infrastructure components were analyzed. This involved the development of TIM functionalities, the integration in agricultural machines and the market launch. After the workshop, the participants created roadmaps for the development and production of TIM compatible machines.

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