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This is the first Status Report in 2016. Status Reports are intended to provide you with information concerning the latest developments inside the AEF. The information found in each edition may affect your company or could be of general interest.

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The AEF welcomes new members who joined after the December 2015 edition

WITZ Corporation

Alteration to AEF Database starting March 1st 2017

Last week AEF chairman Peter van der Vlugt informed all members about an important change to the AEF Database that will affect many companies: The old DLG test results will soon no longer be visible in the AEF Database.

During the initial stages of the Database, the AEF Conformance Test was not yet available. Therefore the former DLG certification ending 2012, was temporarily displayed with the dedicated orange/brown DLG certified label.

Therefore the AEF has decided to discontinue to display the orange DLG label as from March 1st 2017.

From this date products with this label will no longer be visible in the DB ( and the DLG results will not be shown in the compatibility overview.

The chairman wrote that he was convinced that this information comes early enough to give all members adequate time to replace the DLG label by having their products AEF tested.

2016 Spring Plugfest in Lincoln, NE, is coming up

The AEF Plugfest 2016 is scheduled for May 09-13. and will again be held at Embassy Suites Lincoln,1040 P Street, Lincoln Nebraska, USA.
Full Plugfest details are posted on the AEF homepage as well as under

AEF Conference Day will enrich Plugfest agenda again

Established for the 2015 Fall Plugfest in Germany the AEF Conference Day enjoyed great popularity. Hence an AEF Conference Day is planned in Lincoln again, providing a complete day to inform all interested parties of the targets and progress of all 11 project teams. This will include a time for you to ask your questions to the team leaders. Coffee breaks and lunch also offer the opportunity for talks and networking with other AEF Members. A separate Invitation with full details will follow.

By the way

The number of visits to our website has again risen from some 61,000 in 2014 to 66,378 in 2015. Visits per visitor: 1.9.

Do you know…

… what you need to do for Aux Control labeling?

When your application supports the operator configurable ISOBUS Aux Control there are many details to consider! Beside the technical definitions in the AEF guidelines 012 (Implement Specification Functionality Aux-O) and 013 (Implement Specification Functionality Aux-N) you have to consider the specific definitions on the labeling of AEF guideline 003 (Labeling Aux Control).

All guidelines can be obtained from the AEF Data Base ( in the section information). Please note, AEF member companies are obliged to follow the AEF guidelines to reach a common functional base for our customers.


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