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This is the second Status Report of 2016. It provides you with information concerning the latest developments inside the AEF. The information found in each edition may affect your company or could be of general interest.

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The AEF welcomes a new member who joined after the March 2016 edition

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Germany,

AEF General Manager Norbert Schlingmann takes office

Norbert Schlingmann, the new general manager of the AEF has moved into his office at Ritterstrsse 22 in 33602 Bielefeld, Germany, and started work on May 8.

Schlingmann was head of an electronics development department at Claas and has been working in different AEF committees from the beginning. Most recently he was leading the Project Team “Service and Diagnostics”.

Phone: +49 171 1607842 (temporarily no land phone)

AEF Spring Plugfest in Lincoln, NE, well booked

With a total of close to 150 participants from some 40 companies from all across the globe the spring Plugfest of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), in Lincoln, NE held from May 10th through 12th, was another milestone in the history of ISOBUS. Engineers met there to test the compatibility of their ISOBUS software with all the other products available. Over the course of three days, participants performed more than 1000 tests at 33 stations. 35 minutes were set aside for each test in 37 time slots.

Once again the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL), one of the five AEF ISOBUS Test Laboratories, hosted the event. AEF chairman Peter van der Vlugt took the chance to point out the close relationship with the NTTL and looked back to the first US Plugfest in 2002 in Dekalb, Il, then hosted by the former North American ISOBUS Implementation Task Force (NAIITF) with only 20 participants and 10 products from 10 companies. "Things have changed a lot since then", he said.

Participants from many continents attended the Lincoln event. The tests on 30 electronic control units (ECU) for implements, carried out at 31 Universal Terminals (UT), plus a diagnostics station and a conformance test station, added up to the high total of ISOBUS terminal/implement combinations. Three companies testing farm management information systems (FMIS) were present as well.

For the second time the AEF Conference Day was incorporated in the agenda where the eleven project teams presented the actual status of their work. This event attracted even more interested persons than the first time. The upcoming European Fall Plugfest will take place from September 12 – 15th 2016, at Savoia Congress Hotel in Bologna Italy.  This is in cooperation with Federazione Nazionale Costruttori Machine per l’Agricoltura (Unacoma).

Plugfests take place every spring and fall, alternately in the USA and Europe. They provide the industry with the opportunity to test their own ISOBUS product developments in combination with those from other manufacturers using the test protocol defined in the standards. Real-time adjustments are often made by the Plugfest participants to ensure compatibility, while other situations require more work back at the company to complete the necessary changes. Plugfest activities are used prior to submitting products to AEF ISOBUS Test Laboratories like NTTL for final certification and uploading to the Database. There, Farmers and dealers can easily find out which tractor terminal is compatible with which implement (

Ranking of companies by certifications in AEF ISOBUS Database

Certification of ISOBUS software is a precondition for products to be listed in the Database that is designed to benefit customers, dealers, sales and service personnel. Its benefit to the industry will grow as more products are tested and included in the Database.

The main focus of the Database is to serve as a useful sales and service tool by providing confidence in what machine combinations and functionalities are compatible as well as providing a means to diagnose and resolve issues. For marketing and sales it is therefore important to support their company‘s efforts in getting products certified – for their success in the market.

ECU software certified (extract from database)

ADAPT Toolkit at One-Day Workshop

The promise of seamless communication between different precision agriculture systems – regardless of the system manufacturer – has moved into an exciting new stage with the ADAPT open source project led by AgGateway. ADAPT, which stands for Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit, will eliminate the major pain points to broad use of precision agriculture data by easily enabling interoperability between different software and hardware applications.

In Conjunction with AgGateway’s Mid-Year Meeting (June 13 - 16) a one-day ADAPT workshop  will be held

Thursday, June 16,
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota

This workshop is open to anyone, not just AgGateway members and would be of interest to terminal manufacturers and FMIS companies that want to learn more about ADAPT.

The workshop features a technical track for software developers that will provide information on how to get started implementing the ADAPT framework as well as how to start developing a plugin. Additonally there will be a business track focusing on the value of implementing ADAPT as well as the history and background that led to the project.

To see the full agenda and to register, go to the ADAPT workshop webpage. For more information on AgGateway's Mid-Year Meeting, click here.

AEF C & M NAFTA Sub-Team formed

In conjunction with the Plugfest in Lincoln, NE, USA, the AEF C & M Sub-Team was chartered with Ryan Milligan, Powell Electronics, heading it. Its eight members will – in coordination with C & M team leader Carsten Hühne – take care of the specific needs of the North American Ag market. Among other tasks they will establish and maintain contacts with the NA press, organize participations in exhibitions and fairs etc. The rest of the C & M members welcome the support and express their warm welcome.

One of the first actions the team will tackle is the participation at the Info Ag Conference, August 2-4, 2016, where the AEF will share a booth with AgGateway. This summer InfoAg will be held in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture.

Do you know…

...the ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ISB)?

This convenience button allows the operator to deactivate functions not currently visible through a UT when the application screen is temporarily not visible on the UT (other applications may cover the screen).

The AEF guideline 004 – ISOBUS Shortcut Button provides specific details on the use of this input device. It can be obtained from the AEF Data Base ( in the section information). Please note, AEF member companies are obliged to follow the AEF guidelines to reach a common functional base for our customers.


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