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This is the second Status Report of 2017. It provides you with information concerning the latest developments inside the AEF. The information found in each edition may affect your company or could be of general interest. Please forward to persons in charge.

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AEF to offer free entries to ISOBUS database

Upload of first certified product free of charge July 1. – December 31.
Effective January 1st 2018 the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) introduces a completely revised scheme of database license fees for their members.

Starting 1. January 2018 there will be two license models available: a Standard version for 1 to 18 licenses, each costing 600 € per product per year and a Premium version for product numbers exceeding 18 per year that costs 11,000 Euros flat. AEF chairman Peter van der Vlugt explains: “The new model is especially designed to provide a more feasible “entry ticket” for smaller companies”. For this reason the organization is lowering the fees for members who only have a limited number of products to be certified and uploaded to the AEF ISOBUS Database.

With the new scheme AEF also offers newcomers the upload of their first certified product free of charge during the six months from July 1. to December 31. 2017. The organization expects that the new procedures will facilitate placing products in the AEF ISOBUS database and consequently add to its informational value for the farming community.

AEF Spring Plugfest and Conference Day in Lincoln, NE, well attended

The 16th AEF Plugfest took place from May 8 – 11, with a total of more than 130 attendees, hosted by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL), one of the five AEF ISOBUS Test Laboratories. Location of the event was once again at the Embassy Suites, Lincoln NE, USA. The Engineers and Visitors from member companies gathered here to test the compatibility of their ISOBUS products.

Another AEF Conference Day was also available to members and visitors. This time especially targeted at marketing people and lasting only half a day. Attendees were provided information necessary for marketing ISOBUS products. The chairman Peter van der Vlugt opened the event, welcoming the attendees and summarized the reason why the Plugfests are so successful: "Plugfests provide companies the possibility to test just software against one another, instead of live tractor/machine combinations, this  was  a breakthrough idea for the AEF".

Over the course of three days in Lincoln participants performed more almost 1000 tests at 28 stations. 30 minutes were set aside for each test.

The upcoming European Fall Plugfest will take place from October 16th to 20th at Maritim Hotel Stuttgart, Germany.

AEF to supply web-based ISOBUS training for member’s staff

By end of September, a number of new web-based ISOBUS training (WBT) modules created by AEF will be available – Just in time for Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, and the start of companies training sessions for dealer and service technicians.

A survey conducted by AEF has revealed, that there is a need for more information about ISOBUS and the role of AEF.  This finding led to the development of some web based training modules that cover different ISOBUS/AEF related issues for different target groups in the member companies. At launch three modules will be available in English or German, with more planned. Each taking 15 Minutes to complete: 

  • AEF, ISOBUS and Functionalities (subject to fee)
  • AEF Database usage and use cases (subject to fee)
  • Diagnostic Checktool training session (subject to fee)

These three are subject to a license fee of 2.500 € per year (in total) and are created for dealer and service technician training. They can be modified to change machine / equipment pictures, colors and logos according to their own corporate design in collaboration with the WBT supplier. All special requests will be handled between the member company and the WBT supplier.

There will also be a more general animated information course focused on AEF and ISOBUS:

  • AEF Basic Information.  

This will be free of charge and available from both the AEF Website ( and the AEF Database (

AEF now on LinkedIn

More so in the USA than in many other parts of the world,  companies and associations are presenting themselves using LinkedIn. Therefore the North American group of AEF Communications & Marketing (C&M) has recently started an AEF linkedIn page. It gives you all basic information about the AEF.


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