AEF Events at the Plugfest

In conjunction with the Plugfest, you will have the option of seeing the Plugfest activities in action or particpate in a number of conference & workshops at the same location.

ADAPT Workshop on Sept. 17th from 9:00-12:30
This will be a join event between AgGateway and AEF.
Promoting the relationship between ADAPT & ISOBUS
AEF Conference on Sept. 18th from 13:30-17:00
The conference will host a number of different speakers 
on the topic of future connectivity.

TIM Conformance Test on Sept. 19th from 10:00-11:00
This discussion will elaborate on the technical requirements 
of TIM and the authentication process behind it.

If you are interested in attending the AEF Events, please find more information in the area Plugfest.
You can register for all events seperately through the AEF Database.