New AEF Member: Geoprospectors

Geoprospectors is a leading supplier of soil sensors for precision agriculture, subsurface engineering and airborne exploration.The solutions use a range of different geophysical technologies to obtain valuable data about your soil resources, which can then be analyzed to improve and automate processes in real time.

The systems are also designed for the average user, so no specialist knowledge is required. Data is recorded and analyzed fully automatically. The geophysical data are transformed into 3D maps for applications in agriculture, utility mapping and in environmental monitoring. These maps can be used for improving, maintaining and managing soil and other assets in the ground. Geoprospectors’ competences are systems manufacturing, systems development and integration, as well as prospection services.

Why you decided to join AEF?
In our daily business and in communication and corporation with our partners and clients it is an asset to be an AFS certified developer and producer. Furthermore we see the inclusion of our products (Topsoil Mapper – soil sensor and Implement Control – automatic hydraulic tillage control kit) to the AEF ISOBUS data base as well as the access to the conformance test tool as a big advantage and reason for us to join AEF.

And the AEF project teams you are interested in and why?
We are interested in being part of project team 9 (Farm Management Information Systems) as this is our core business.