Established in Germany in 1978, HELUKABEL® is one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to our production sites in Germany and China, we proudly operate 49 sales locations across 30 countries.

Helukabel® also boasts one of Europe’s largest and most modern logistics centres for cables, allowing us to deliver our products promptly to customers anywhere in the world. We offer a comprehensive product assortment of over 30,000 standard items for industries including: agriculture, automation, robotics, electronics, machine construction, and many more. But what truly distinguishes us is our ability to work with the customer to create customised solutions that meet their exact requirements.  We design and test our products in our own R&D and testing facilities to make sure they meet not only international electrical standards, but the specific needs of our customers.

Why did you decide to join the AEF?
We have previous experience working in standardisation organisations dedicated to industrial automation and data transmission systems, so we felt that joining the AEF would be mutually beneficial. As members, HELUKABEL® contributes expertise and is able to play a role in the development of new standards in the agriculture industry.  The AEF gives HELUKABEL® access to cutting-edge, collaborative ventures and the latest developments in agricultural equipment and electrical standards, which enable us to better serve our customers around the world.

Which AEF project teams are you interested in and why?
We are very interested in working on Project Team 10- High Speed ISOBUS and Project Team 12- Medium Voltage. These two teams are the most engaging for Helukabel® because we feel that we are best able to contribute our expertise here. Agricultural equipment and machinery have to endure particularly harsh conditions, meaning we have to supply solutions which are reliable and durable. From the beginning we were particularly keen to join other industry leaders in shaping new types of data transmission; the development process of the High Speed ISOBUS gives us a chance to do precisely this.

HELUKABEL® has passion for innovation as well as decades of experience in drive technology, as exemplified by our involvement with the Hiperface DSL® single cable solution. Additionally, we have been active for many years in the agriculture and construction machinery industries. HELUKABEL® would like to share these qualities through our work with the AEF Project Teams, as well as to share in the success.