OEM information Sub Suppliers Certification

Suppliers often provide their ECUs to multiple manufacturers. These ECUs are equipped with a standard software which are able to support different implement types. To facilitate the inclusion of new ISOBUS products into the AEF ISOBUS Database, the AEF offers sub suppliers certifications.

How to use sub suppliers certifications
The sub supplier requests an AEF Conformance Test for his ECU which is done by an official test lab. The sub supplier shares the unique Conformance Test ID (CCID) to all OEMs who have integrated the certified ECU. The OEMs use this sub suppliers certification CCID for displaying their products in the AEF ISOBUS Database. The precondition is that the ECU of the sub supplier and OEM’s ECU have the same software version.

The benefits
For OEMs there is no need to perform a separate conformance test for their ISOBUS products which saves money. In addition this is a fast and easy way to integrate products into the AEF ISOBUS Database. For sub suppliers there are no additional database costs when their ECU are used by other manufacturers.

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