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Fall 2019
AEF Plugfest Registration

Plugfest Registration

Event Registration within the AEF ISOBUS Database is required to attend all or part of the Plugfest activities.


AEF membership is required for Participant registration and applies to anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with testing activities.

500€ (July 1st – August 16th)


Visitor registration is available to those who are observing the AEF activities and are not involved in testing activities.

400€ (July 1st – August 16th
500€ (August 17th – September 20th)

Product Registration

Following Event Registration, Participants provide details of the products they intend to test by following an Equipment link on the Plugfest page within AEF ISOBUS Database. AEF uses the product information to determine whether products should be scheduled at dedicated test stations, or scheduled to be moved among the test stations for tests.

After the test station list is finalized, AEF will prepare a schedule of tests known as a Plugfest Test Matrix.

Plugfest Test Matrix is intended to maximize the combination of connections between service-type products (e.g. terminals) and client-type products (e.g. implements) over the course of the Plugfest. Service-type products are typically scheduled to stay at a fixed test stations, while client-type products are scheduled to be moved from station to station by the tester. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when registering products for the Plugfest:

  • AEF will assign each Tester of service-type products to separate test stations in the Plugfest Test Matrix. Companies indicate the number of test stations to include by providing unique Tester names associated with service-type products.

  • When more than one service-type product is registered to the same Tester name, all products are assigned to one test station. Additional Testers are required to register additional test stations.

  • When more than one client-type product is registered to the same Tester name, all products are scheduled for the same time slot at each station. Additional Testers are necessary to schedule each product to its own time slot.

  • Products will be scheduled through the available testing time slots on all Plugfest days; scheduling for a reduced number of days is not available.

  • Suppliers of products with both UT and TC service-type functionalities, are required to register separate test stations (additional product and Tester) for managing full tests of each functionality in parallel.

Participants must register equipment details within the AEF ISOBUS Database following event registration until August 16th, 2019.

Participants will have the opportunity to review the Plugfest Test Matrix until September 05th, 2019.

Plugfest testing

To ensure that each UT client-type product has a practical amount of testing time with each UT service-type product, two UT client products will be scheduled for tests at the same time at each UT test station.

UT suppliers are therefore strongly encouraged to bring an additional terminal and additional test engineer to manage the parallel tests at the test station. While it is possible for one person to support both terminals, it can be quite difficult to manage when problems arise with both tests. An additional CAN Backbone Module and power supply will be provided to support a second terminal at each UT test station.

The second person registering as support for parallel UT tests is welcome to register as a Plugfest Visitor rather than Participant. In this case, both terminals must be registered by the Participant (equipment registration is not open to Visitors).

To provide additional test time, companies who register TC Servers are strongly encouraged to register a parallel TC Server test station. The second person registering as support for parallel TC server tests is welcome to register as a Plugfest Visitor rather than Participant.

In this case, both devices must be registered by the Participant, as equipment registration is not open to Visitors. Companies are free to decide the primary focus of each test station, for example, by focusing on core functionality & TC-SC at one station and TC-BAS / TC-GEO functionality at the 2nd station. However all TC clients will be scheduled to visit both stations.

FMIS products with ISOXML support will be scheduled for one-to-one tests with Task Controller suppliers, followed by 3rd product tests during TC / TC-Client tests. During one-to-one tests, the FMIS can supply the initial task data, prescriptions, and coding data to the TC for use during their subsequent TC/TC-Client tests. During 3rd product tests, logged data should be given back to the FMIS for testing compatibility with the TC-Client.

AEF has provided three fields for TC/FMIS testing during the Plugfest. The fields provide a “standard” testing opportunity for different hemispheres, as well as a concave boundary and “holes”. To enable TC/FMIS and TC-Client/FMIS testing with these fields, TC suppliers should bring a means of simulating GPS within these field regions.

Task Controller and FMIS suppliers are highly encouraged to test with these fields at a minimum during the Plugfest. The files are available for download as “”, from the Information section under “Plugfest Information” of the AEF ISOBUS Database home page.

Suppliers of devices which support the Fileserver on server or client site have the possibility to add this information during the equipment registration. “Fileserver only” tests are not planned.

Participants have the possibility to register TIM Server and TIM Client devices for the Plugfest. TIM Clients will be scheduled at dedicated TIM server test stations for one-on-one testing. TIM devices will be organized in a separate Plugfest Matrix with 1 hour timeslots.


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