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What are tractor and implement really capable of? Which functions of your implement can be operated with the ISOBUS terminal of your tractor? When you buy a new tractor, can you continue to use your existing terminal? The AEF ISOBUS database knows the answer!

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  • ISOBUS functionalities
    You will receive information about ISOBUS functionalities of individual products or of several selected products. Watch video on YouTube →

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  • Compatibility Check
    You check the compatibility of ISOBUS products and thus gain investment security when making purchase decisions. Learn more →


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3 registration type

Register to the AEF Database.

The AEF ISOBUS Database offers different user roles to meet the need of all target groups across the complete Ag industry.

USER: You’re a farmer and contractor or somebody who is generally interested in ISOBUS topics
MANUFACTURER: Which means you belong to one of the AEF member companies.
DEALER: You're a ales representative or service technician.


You’re a farmer and contractor or somebody who is generally interested in ISOBUS topics.

Users are able to gather the relevant information prior to a purchase and choose a specific ISOBUS combination tailored to their needs. By creating a user account you're able to run the manual compatibility check. You will then receive a recommendation which will serve as a basis of what functionality is available for the combination of listed items.

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Dealers can use the compatibility check to support sales conversations and advising customers, but also to speed up troubleshooting through customer service.

Make use of the AEF ISOBUS check tool or the manufacturer’s diagnostics check tool. You are able to submit diagnostic data by way of our ticket system to the AEF or the manufacturer for further evaluation. The manufacturer can supply you with access data to the database.

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Would you like to register your ISOBUS product in the Database or upload an AEF certified ISOBUS product into the AEF ISOBUS database?

Make use of the conformance test tool and the upload service.
Is your company a member of the AEF?

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Check compatibility with a few clicks

After you have registerd to the AEF ISOBUS Database, with a few mouse clicks users can check which functionalities a certain product supports and moreover, which functionalities a certain combination of tractor, terminal and implement supports.

The database will show both the functionalities supported by each of the chosen products as well as those supported by all of them, i.e. the functionalities that can actually be used by this specific combination.

Different manufacturers.


Module view - the ability to see the functionalities of individual ISOBUS ECUs, that are included in a product

Module View

The additional view that was included is related to how ISOBUS products consisting of more than one ISOBUS electronic control unit (ECU) are viewed. For instance, a tractor typically consists of a tractor ECU, an universal terminal (UT) and an AUX joystick. Before the that the AEF ISOBUS Database was showing the aggregated product only, i.e. only the tractor.

Now this granularity is available to the DB user with the new modular view! First the user would look up the ISOBUS Product and would see all the supported functionalities as before. However, by selecting the down arrow on the right-hand side the individual ISOBUS ECUs and their associated functionalities are then displayed. Dealers will find this additional level of detail very helpful, especially when having to diagnose any issues!

  • Compatibility

    The option view provides details of the supported options

    Now, when you are looking up an ISOBUS product, you do see the blue outline and you know that it has been certified for that functionality, but what if there are options, for example with TC-SC, how many sections are supported?

    By selecting on the specific functionality blue square a pop up appears and it provides details of the supported options. For functionalities such as TIM and Task Controller this additional level of detail will be extremely useful for all AEF Database users.

  • Option view
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  • Compatibility

    Easy insight of the compatibility of combined options

    Finally, when you are looking up a combination of ISOBUS Products in the Database and you have found some compatible functionalities, as shown by the solid blue squares, then when you select on one of those squares the pop up will show the compatibility of the combined options for that functionality.

AEF Database App

For Apple and Android

Users of the AEF DB APP will also be able to benefit from all these enhancements with the next release of the APP which is scheduled for the mid of October, 2021.

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  • Contact for North and South America
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