Thank you Jaap van Bergeijk

Jaap van Bergeijk will leave his AEF team leader position to the end of the year. Since the beginning of the AEF, he has been in charge of the...

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New Project Team Medium Voltage

On 26th of September the first meeting took place for the latest AEF Project Team, PT12 Medium Voltage. It has been formed based on a project proposal...

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Review: TIM Plugfest in Bologna

The eighth TIM Plugfest took place at the Savoia Regency Hotel in Bologna on the 19th and 20th of September. It was the first time that a TIM specific...

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Review: AEF celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary

On September 19th the AEF celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary with a full day of events in Bologna, Italy. This was in addition to the AEF Fall...

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Review: AEF Fall Plugfest in Bologna

From the 18th to the 20th of September the Fall Plugfest took place at the Savoia Regency Hotel in Bologna, Italy.

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AEF Plugfest to include the next edition of the TIM Plugfest and 10th Anniversary Celebration

The 8th TIM plugfest will be held on 19th and 20th of September during the European edition of the AEF Plugfest, at the Savoia Hotel Regency, Bologna,...

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AEF joined AgGateway membership

Both organisations are interested in develop better products to the farmer. In order to provide functionalities on equipment we need to have a better...

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New AEF Member: Multiva

Multiva is a brand for high quality agricultural machines, produced by Dometal Oy. Company is located in Loimaa, Finland. Our product range consists...

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New AEF Member: Geoprospectors

Geoprospectors is a leading supplier of soil sensors for precision agriculture, subsurface engineering and airborne exploration.The solutions use a...

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New AEF ISOBUS Functionality ISB

The functionality ISB, or ISOBUS Shortcut button refers to a physical button (or key or switch) in the tractor cab which, when pressed, will...

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Review: Spring plugfest in Lincoln, Nebraska

From May the 15th to the 17th the Spring Plugfest took place in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Embassy Suites together with the NTTL test lab hosted another...

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2008 to 2018: AEF celebrates 10th anniversary

On 28 October 2008 seven international manufacturers of agricultural machinery and two associations founded the Agricultural Industry Electronics...

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About the AEF

The AEF at a Glance

International agricultural equipment manufacturers and associations established the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) as an independent, international  organisation. As a user platform, it provides resources and know-how for the increased use of electronic and electrical systems in farming.

Benefits of AEF membership

  1. AEF Certified products are visible in the database
  2. Database supports sales and service
  3. Speed up product development with the AEF ISOBUS
  4. Access to Conformance Test Tool
  5. Benefit from ISOBUS knowledge and support
  6. Influence industry standards

The AEF ISOBUS Database app

These days, smartphones and their increasing use to access mobile services is something that we cannot escape.

The rapid increase in app usage is an impressive illustration of the importance mobile applications now have in the everyday activities of the modern Internet user. The AEF ISOBUS Database is download free of charge from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).