Success Story Camera Systems-
Cameras on implements and terminals on tractors become compatible

The incompatibility of camera systems with each other as well as with ISOBUS universal terminals (UT) and displays in tractor cabins used to be a source of frustration. The AEF Camera Systems project team has solved this problem by developing a standardized solution for an analog video interface between tractor and implement. This solution was documented in an international AEF guideline which then became the foundation of the new ISO norm 20112-1:2018.

Besides, a substantial number of tractor and implement manufacturers, have applied the new standard since quite a while, already.

With this, farmers are now able to connect cameras with ISOBUS terminals or other displays regardless of the supplier or brand, providing them with greater flexibility during the selection process. Besides, this will allow them to use any combination of tractors and implements in the future.

The simplification will also mean cameras to become more and more accepted by the agricultural market. This in turn will improve the safety on and around tractors with implements attached. Thus, the number of accidents when handling agricultural machinery will be reduced.

The standard developed by the group including numerous experts from international manufacturers of tractors, implements, camera systems and connectors describes a video interface for analog systems.
With publishing of the new ISO norm mentioned above the team has achieved their goal set out by the steering committee at the time.

While the Camera Systems project team in its original constitution has completed its work and will be discontinued several team members transitioned to a new cross over team that is completed by members of the teams working on High Speed ISOBUS and Wireless Infield Communication.

Based on the expectation to stream digital video data over the physical interface of HSI it became necessary to consolidate all the needs of the aforementioned teams and develop a protocol structure that can satisfy the combined requirements for sharing control data and video data between tractors and implements on the same data bus and across all use cases. 

Considering digital video transmission and Ethernet networks are new technologies with regards to mobile machines and there aren’t any existing solutions from other industries that could serve as a blue print it becomes apparent we are faced with demanding challenges.

However, the new cross over team has started to hold face to face workshops regularly and has made good progress so far. The team is confident to resolve the protocol challenge following the time line of the physical HSI interface.