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Service Council on the subject of the AEF ticket system

The AEF ticket system is an essential component of the AEF ISOBUS database. With this ticket system, information about compatibility problems between different machines can be transmitted directly to the respective manufacturer. Thus, the AEF ticket system is an important support tool for the service of dealers and manufacturers.

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Success story:

Cameras on implements and terminals on tractors become compatible

The incompatibility of camera systems with each other as well as with ISOBUS universal terminals (UT) and displays in tractor cabins used to be a source of frustration.

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AEF Activity Report – Wireless In-Field Communication

The agricultural industry is supplying a diverse market and is driven by innovations of numerous manufacturers. The objective of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation is the interoperability of different manufacturer’s equipment via common standards.

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Road safety pilot for agricultural equipment successful tested

AEF developed together with ETSI’s committee on Machine-to-Machine Communications a pilot to distribute a warning message to passing vehicles within a surrounding area of 1,000m.

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AEF General Manager presentation at AgGateway annual meeting

AEF General Manager, Norbert Schlingmann, was a keynote speaker at the AgGateway Annual meeting in Austin Texas, USA on Nov 13th. His presentation included background information about AEF and ISOBUS products, leading into a description of project team activities.

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Review: EIMA in Italy

From the 7th to the 11th of November the EIMA International show took place in Bologna, Italy. More than 315,000 visitors attended this year, coming from 150 countries to see products from 1950 different exhibitors.

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New AEF Member: Dacom

Dacom provides growers and the agribusiness sector with data-driven advisory services throughout the world. Using intelligent analyses, all available relevant data is converted into concrete advice.

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Established in Germany in 1978, HELUKABEL® is one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to our production sites in Germany and China, we proudly operate 49 sales locations across 30 countries.

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New AEF ISOBUS Database login page

The AEF is very excited to annouce the release of the new AEF ISOBUS Database login page.

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