New employee at the AEF

Since mid-October 2017 Marco Brück supports the AEF team.

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Thanks to Kaie Fuhrhop

The advertising agency Fuhrhop & Partner has supported AEF’s activities since their foundation.

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Two AEF Database licensing models for members starting in 2018

AEF member companies are committed to a multi-vendor compatibility of ISOBUS products.

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Manufacturers address Ag Electronics Challenges at AEF "Plugfest"

A record 154 electronic developers came together to test and develop ag electronics at the Ag Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) Fall Plugfest...

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Agritechnica 2017:
 Exhibition success

A total of 450,000 visitors, with over 100,000 from abroad, attended the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery in Hanover and learned...

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New AEF Website online

After considerable work the new AEF website is now online at

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Web Based Training for dealers and service technicians available

Training departments of companies can now order the three Web Based Training modules.

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NA C&M group going strong

AEF had another successful presence at InfoAg this year thanks to a shared booth with AgGateway.

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AEF Conformance Test for TC-GEO available

Since June the AEF Conformance Test supports testing of the TC-GEO functionality, in addition to the other Task Controller functionalities of TC-BAS...

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AEF Conformance Test for FMIS Beta version

AEF Conformance Test now also contans a beta release test for Farm Management Information Systems.

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AEF to offer free entries to ISOBUS database

Effective January 1st 2018 the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) introduces a completely revised scheme of database license fees for...

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AEF Spring Plugfest and Conference Day in Lincoln, NE, well attended

The 16th AEF Plugfest took place from May 8 – 11, with a total of more than 130 attendees, hosted by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL), one...

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AEF to supply web-based ISOBUS training for member’s staff

By end of September, a number of new web-based ISOBUS training (WBT) modules created by AEF will be available – Just in time for Agritechnica in...

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AEF now on LinkedIn

More so in the USA than in many other parts of the world,  companies and associations are presenting themselves using LinkedIn. Therefore the North...

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Spring 2018 AEF Plugfest Activities

AEF is pleased to announce Spring 2018 AEF Plugfest activities, to be held May 14 – 18, 2018 at Embassy Suites Lincoln, 1040 P Street, Lincoln...

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AEF at Agritechnica in Mid-November

Again the AEF will be present at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany running from November 12th through 18th.

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AEF annual General Assembly Conference Day in Stuttgart, Germany.

The AEF annual General Assembly is scheduled to take place on the morning of 18th October at Maritim Hotel Stuttgart, Germany.

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AEF Fall Plugfest in Stuttgart, Germany

The official visitor registration period for the AEF Fall Plugfest (17-19 October) at Maritim Hotel Stuttgart, Germany is still open.

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About the AEF

The AEF at a Glance

International agricultural equipment manufacturers and associations established the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) as an independent, international  organisation. As a user platform, it provides resources and know-how for the increased use of electronic and electrical systems in farming.

Benefits of AEF membership

  1. AEF Certified products are visible in the database
  2. Database supports sales and service
  3. Speed up product development with the AEF ISOBUS
  4. Access to Conformance Test Tool
  5. Benefit from ISOBUS knowledge and support
  6. Influence industry standards

The AEF ISOBUS Database app

These days, smartphones and their increasing use to access mobile services is something that we cannot escape.

The rapid increase in app usage is an impressive illustration of the importance mobile applications now have in the everyday activities of the modern Internet user. The AEF ISOBUS Database is download free of charge from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).