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You would like to become an AEF member?

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AEF Membership Application PDF on your computer, fill in the form, sign it and upload it again through the upload button!

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Step 01

Download the 
AEF Membership Application PDF on your computer.

Step 02

Fill in 
the PDF form and sign it.
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Step 03

signed PDF through the upload button below.


Membership of the AEF is on an annual basis and can be cancelled by giving 2 months notice before the next renewal period.

AEF service charge

AEF service charge for general members 3.000€ per year. Note that universities, research institutes and non-profit organisations can be exempt from this charge (proof required).

AEF ISOBUS Database license fees

If you would like to list your AEF certified ISOBUS product in the AEF ISOBUS Database then you would need to purchase one of the licenses below.

  • Standard license 600 € per year per product upload (up to 18 products)
  • Premium license 11,000 € per year for unlimited product uploads

AEF Conformance Test license fees

If you would like to run the AEF Conformance Test in house while you are developing your ISOBUS products you need to purchase a Conformance Test license.

  • Single license fee 10,800 € per year (1st user)
  • Multi license fee 3,400 € per year per additional user (2nd, 3rd and 4th users)
  • Flat rate license fee 24,300 € per year (unlimited number of users)

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Membership Application

Articles of Association

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure Appendix A – Financial Policy