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AEF Tech Week 2023 in Wageningen

The AEF teams consist of volunteers coming from our member companies who engage for AEF beside their regular job.
To successfully work on projects there are usually discussions and alignments with other teams as necessary. Already before the pandemic, Dave Smart, team lead HSI and Volker Brill, HSI deputy proposed a workshop event where the teams will have the possibility to focus on their projects for a couple of days, speak and discuss with other teams on related topics and bringing it to a next level on a short time.

Having this in mind Dave Smart worked hard with the team leads and the AEF to realize the first AEF Tech Week which finally took place at the campus of University of Wageningen in The Netherlands.
About 100 people from the AEF member companies participated in this workshop event from January 23-26, 2023.

The week started with a keynote speech from Andrew Olliver, AEF Chaiman and a presentation oriented session where the different team leads talked about their projects. The intention was to bring everybody onto the same page to be well prepared for the individual team sessions on the following three full days.

Up to three of these individual team sessions took place at the same time in different rooms. Each single session was run by a team and focused on a specific topic of the project where at least another supporting team was present. So, for instance, the Agricultural Interoperability Network (AgIN) project team had sessions with Communication& Marketing (CM), Conformance testing (CT), Database services (DB), INFO Functionality und Security (SEC).

Due to the progress, at the end of the week there was a clear feedback from the participants to repeat this event in the near future.