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Tech Week

Tech Week
January 23 – 26, 2023

Hoge Steeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

AEF has grown, even during the last couple of years, and with that growth comes the challenge of effective collaboration between the many teams. Projects involve more than one team, and some teams find it difficult to support all the other teams with virtual meetings where there are only a few hours of overlap. Travel is starting back up and the teams can finally begin meeting face to face again. This will help, but there remains the challenge of some teams being spread too thin to effectively support the others, when each has its own pace of meetings.
The Tech Week, an idea brought forth a few years ago, is only now being realized for the first time. The Tech Week brings many teams together, face-to-face, for most of a week. Now, shared topics will be discussed in time-blocks, organized to engage the with each participating team.


Event Registration within the AEF ISOBUS Database is required to attend all or part of the AEF Tech Week meetings. 
Registration will open November 21st. If you are planning to participate, please take a moment to confirm your AEF ISOBUS Database login credentials at:

The AEF Tech Week Registration includes the meetings, dinner, lunches, refreshments, and Wi-Fi Internet access.
The registration fee (without VAT) for the AEF Tech Week is 230 €.


All times refer to the Central European Summer Time (CEST).
A preliminary schedule of the AEF team meetings and events is listed below


HSI - High Speed ISOBUS
WIC - Wireless Infield Communication
CT - Conformance Test
DB - Database Services
AgIN - Agricultural Interoperability
SD - Service & Diagnostics
FuSa - Functional Safety
SEC - Security
INT - ISOBUS Integration
CSF - Concept Study – Functionalities
CM - Communication & Marketing

Key Dates

November 21st, 2022

Tech Week registration will open

January 23rd – 26th, 2023

Tech Week


AEF has blocked a limited number of rooms at:
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Wageningsche Berg
Generaal Foulkesweg 96
6703 DS Wageningen

at discounted nightly rate of 99,00 € including breakfast until December, 19th.
Hotel reservations can be booked by email info with the reference AEF-GFC6011.