Wireless-Infield-Communication field test

In April 2021, the AEF organized a proof of concept to demonstrate the latest developments in Wireless-Infield-Communication together with the University HTW Saar and the company OSB AG.

Approximately 3 years after the initial WIC test of radio technology, the AEF took the chance and performed a field test to try out the first WIC feature implementation. The goal was to gather experience in the areas of functionality, range and user feedback of wireless process data exchange in cooperative multi machine use cases. Using equipment from Fendt, Case IH , CLAAS, Lemken and Amazone a wide variety of typical use cases were performed.

First results showed that the functionality works well. Further requirements on additional data and ease of use will be analyzed.

Many Thanks to Deula Warendorf for the availability of the perfect facilities and making the test possible even with the current Corona related restrictions. In addition the Deula was also able to provide input from an user’s point of view, which  is a great benefit for the WIC project in the development of a solution for direct, non-infrastructure, machine to machine communication.