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Fall Plugfest 2022

Review: AEF Fall Plugfest 2022

 Successful Plugfest is back on stage in Europe after the North American one in New Orleans in March 2022. More than 330 participants enjoyed the face-to-face event from the 17th to the 21th of October at the Savoia Regency Hotel in Bologna, Italy. It was a welcome return to this venue which successfully hosted the 2016 and 2018 edition of the AEF Fall Plugfest. There were 170 participants and 160 visitors who performed 3335 tests during the three days in 30 minute time slots.

The hotel had been taken over by the AEF as a number of face-to-face meetings were also scheduled during the event. The Steering Committee and a few project teams like WIC, CM, INT, DM, SD and TIM all held face to face meetings during that week. Thursday the 20th was an important day as the AEF annual General Assembly meeting was held as well as dedicated presentations about UT3 conformance testing, news of the AEF ISOBUS Database and AgGateways ADAPT framework.

It was a busy, but thoroughly enjoyable week for all those who took part!

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