Further development of the AEF ISOBUS database

From September 2019, manufacturers will be able themselves to carry out a Conformance Test by taking into account defined AEF Rules in order to ensure their customers maximum reliability.

A new AEF Conformance Test can be performed by the manufacturer themselves if the hardware has already been tested. In addition, the software certification of the product – carried out by one of the five independent AEF test institutes – must not have been obtained more than two years ago. It is also important that the corresponding part of ISO11783 and the functionality of the software remain unaffected. The AEF test institutes are also responsible for the final acceptance and approval of the repeated test.

AEF Compatibility Check
The AEF ISOBUS database allows users to learn about ISOBUS functionalities supported by both the single product and several selected products. This gives the user an overview of which functionalities are available for the selected combination. In future, he will receive even more information. For a sprayer, for example, the database shows whether it supports part-width section control and how many nozzles are available. On a tractor with a certified job computer (TECU), the user receives information on speed and PTO shaft speed.

Dealer registration and AEF ticket system
The dealer registration is also new. In future, dealers will be able to register and log into the AEF ISOBUS database themselves. This enables them to check which ISOBUS functionalities are supported on the products that they are working with. When registering, the dealer also selects the manufacturer brands he cooperates with. After confirmation by the manufacturer(s), he can contact the manufacturer with a service ticket if he has questions about the compatibility of ISOBUS products or problems in the field. He can also download the AEF ISOBUS CheckTool free of charge. This diagnostic tool collects information from all electronic control units on the ISO bus, including ECU manufacturer name, product name and version numbers of software and hardware.

The enhancements described are results of the first AEF Service Council which took place at the end of 2018. In the course of the event, the participants formulated corresponding requirements based on their practical experience. In the course of this year, further findings from the AEF Service Council will be used to further optimize the AEF ISOBUS database.